Trans Awareness Training Workshops

Aims, Objectives and Costs

When the plans for extensive public sector cuts were first announced in 2010, it was the ”soft” areas like training and equalities that bore the brunt of the initial cuts.  The problem is that if you stop investing in these soft areas for too long people start to make mistakes that can cost more than the saving from making the cuts.

Rikki specialises in delivering equalities training to the public sector with particular emphasis on three protected characteristics, Sex (or gender), Sexual Orientation and Gender Reassignment and can help you to address these important equalities areas while keeping the cost per head of awareness training low

As one of the UK’s leading motivational speakers and trainers, she has been delivering equality and diversity workshops and keynote presentations for over 10 years to staff from over 250 organisations, particularly local authorities, housing associations, educational, NHS and criminal justice organisations. Rikki is also a trans woman.

Her workshops and presentations are always highly interactive and entertaining, exploring the impact of the Equality Act in regard to sex, gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation and human rights, while demonstrating how the principles discussed apply equally across all protected characteristics.

Rikki uses a variety of presentation methods - video clips, music, lecture, discussion, groups exercises, questions and answer, case studies and where she uses PowerPoint - it is a visual aid.  No death by slides presentations.  Most importantly her presentations are based on real life experiences. 

Half Day Trans Awareness Workshops

Rikki works with organisations to deliver bespoke training that is best suited to their circumstances, budget and audience with presentations lasting from one hour to 6 hours and to any number of participants.

However since the beginning of this governments austerity programme, cost have become a major issue when it comes to training and most of her clients now prefer her to deliver half day presentations.

But cost is not the only issue. Most of Rikki's clients have experienced significant reductions in staffing and that has resulted in managers being often reluctant to release staff for training. It certainly makes it more difficult to allow too many staff to attend a workshop or event at the same time.

Therefore she now mostly delivers two workshops back to back on a singe day at the same location.  This makes it easier to release staff, they are only away for half a day and because it is beneficial to her to deliver two workshops on a single day, we can provide a 50% discount on the second workshop.

Rikki does not set any limit to the number of people attending a workshop - however the numbers are generally determined by the venue. A cafe or cabaret style of room layout is preferred with 5 or six participants around each table.  This makes it much easier to facilitate group discussion which is an important part of the training.

Aims and Objectives

Each half day workshop lasts 3 hours with a fifteen minute break.  The aims and objectives of the workshop are:

To enable participants to 

  • Understand the protected characteristic of Gender Reassignment and differentiate this from Sexual Orientation.
  • Understand the difficulties facing people who are gender variant in relation to life experiences generally and engaging with the public sector in particular.
  • Be able to engage more effectively with lesbian, Gay and Trans staff and services users.
  • Challange stereotypes and take a human rights approach to diversity
  • Be able able to help to tackle prejudice and promote understanding within the workplace and the community.
  • Gain a practical understanding of impact of the Equality Act 2010 including the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) and the Gender Recognition Act 2004.

Client specific requirements can easily be added to these aims and and all workshops are tailored to your particular requirements. For example specific scenarios are discussed around issues related to the work experiences of your staff drawing on Rikkis' extensive experience of working with a range of organisations including local authority, housing, mental health, criminal justice, fire and rescue, education, children and young people, welfare and social servcies etc. 

No handouts are provided at the workshop because in our experience most handouts tend to end up in a file where they are forgotten and quickly go out of date.  There is a high cost involved in developing and producing printed materials and therefore to keep costs low, we aim to keep this website up to date with a wealth of information and links to other resources.

More importantly Rikki's aim on the workshop aim is to bring about a change in understanding and behaviour. Should participants need specific help we regularly give advice over the phone or by email, or refer them to online resources on this or other web sites. 

Training Costs

Our aim is to keep the costs as low as possible - in particular the cost per head of training.

The fee for a half day workshop is £500 plus reasonable expenses (outlined below)

If two half day workshops are delivered on a single day the second event is discounted by 50% - at total of £750 for the full day plus reasonable expenses.

Most clients have 20-25 participants on a workshop making the cost per head as low as £20 on a single half day event or £15 per head with two workshops.

Generally travel to the training venue is by the most economic means - this is usually by car - unless the venue is in London when travel by train is preferred.

Car Travel is charged at 40p per mile plus and tolls and parking when travelling by car

Rail Travel is second class rail plus taxis to the venue.

Where the distance involves more than a 2 hour drive, Rikki usually prefers to travel on the previous day and stop overnight using a client recommended hotel or a 3 or 4 star local hotel.

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