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Accessing services and enjoying a social life can be quite frightening, especially for someone who is making their first tentative steps to "Come Out". Despite constantly changing legislation, discrimination against people who appear not to fit societies idea of what it means to be a man of a women is still rife. And unfortunately when it comes to going out for a drink or a meal or staying at a hotel, the issue as more than just discrimination.

We are therefore compiling here a directory of those social life services we know to be LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans) friendly. We have not tried out all the services here and we cannot specifically recommend the services, but we have done our best to check out that they have a positive policy towards anyone who is gender diverse.

This directory is presently largely focused on Yorkshire and Humber - but we will be expanding it in the future to a national database. For ease of access we have listed the services according to sub region in Yorkshire and Humber.

We have also listed below links to online social life services that you may find useful - these generally have a national or international reach.

Services within Yorkshire and the Humber

We have a small but growing directory of service providers specifically for or friendly to LGBT people and others with atypical gender which we have sorted according to sub regional location - click on the appropriate link below

Humber and East Yorkshire Services
West Yorkshire Services
South Yorkshire Services
North Yorkshire Services
Services in Other Areas

National LGBT Social Life Services

If you are looking for national organisations providing support and information on LGBT and atypical gender issues click below.

Please help us to expand our Directory of Social Life Services

We are constantly searching for new Social Life services specifically for or friendly to people who are LGBT or express atypical gender. If you are aware of any services, or resources you would like to recommend, please complete the form below.

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