Mental Health Support

Access to mental health support is essential for people who are LGBT or who are dealing with atypical gender issues because of the high incidence of mental health issues in these groups.

This is not surprising given the huge levels of discrimination and harassment experienced throughout life. Children and young people struggling to understand their gender identity or sexual orientation often face rejection and isolation from family members, peers and schools resulting in depression, self harm and even suicide attempts.

Mental Health First Aid

Because of the high incidence of mental Health issues, at Gendershift we encourage all members to raise their awareness to that they are able to provide basic mental Health Support. If you would like to improve your understanding of Mental Health issues and learn how you can support others, you will find excellent help at the Mental Health First Aid web site - a nationwide project to raise awareness.

Mental Health Support Professionals

If you or someone you know needs professional help your choice is between NHS and private support. We are working to provide a comprehensive directory of links to people and organisations who are experienced in working with LGBT and atypical gender issues.

We are also beginning to work with the Humber Mental Health Trust to improve Mental Health Support for LGBT People

If you are unable to afformay be able to refer you to an appropriate NHS counsellor. We will be including a list of NHS counsellors with LGBT experience in the future.

Private Counsellors and Psychotherapists

We have a small but growing directory of private therapists with LGBT and Gender experience which we have sorted according to sub regional location - click on the appropriate link below

Humber and East Yorkshire Therapists
West Yorkshire Therapists
South Yorkshire Therapists
North Yorkshire Therapists
Therapists in Other Areas

Please help us to expand our Directory of Resources

We are constantly searching for new support resources for people with LGBT or atypical gender issues. If you are aware of any services, or resources you would like to recommend, please complete the form below.

We will contact the service provider to obtain their permission to list them, so no listing will be made without permission. It is therefore essential that you include at least one means of contacting them - preferably email.

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