LGBT Organisations

There are a wide range of organisations providing support for people with gender, gender identity and sexual orientation needs. Some organisations deal specifically with a narrow focus of support, others offer a very broad support.

GenderShift operates a strict equal opportunities policy and therefore is not prepared to include in this listing organisations that operate an exclusion policy, especially exclusion of trans people.

Organisations providing Local Support in Yorkshire

We have a small but growing directory of organisations providing various levels of local support to LGBT people and others with atypical gender issues which we have sorted according to sub regional location - click on the appropriate link below

Humber and East Yorkshire Organisations
West Yorkshire Organisations
South Yorkshire Organisations
North Yorkshire Organisations

Organisations providing Local Support outside Yorkshire

These organisations provide support in other parts of the UK for the local LGBT Community

Organisations in Other Areas

National LGBT Support Organisations

If you are looking for national organisations providing support and information on LGBT and atypical gender issues click below.

Trans Specific Organisations

This is a listing of organisations that provide support specifically for trans and gender identity issues.

LGB and LGBT Organisations

This listing includes national organisations that provide support and information for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people and may primarily address issues of sexual orientation, but do not exclude trans people.

Other Organisations

These organisations have a primary focus on issues other then gender or sexual orientation - but also provide support to their members with gender and sexual orientation issues.

Please help us to expand our Directory of Resources

We are constantly searching for new support resources for people with LGBT or atypical gender issues. If you are aware of any services, or resources you would like to recommend, please complete the form below.

We will contact the service provider to obtain their permission to list them, so no listing will be made without permission. It is therefore essential that you include at least one means of contacting them - preferably email.

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